sunset over broad horizon
sunset over broad horizon

In the spring of 2015, my manager in London told me he was impressed with my technical breadth. I joined his team after a hackamonth working on a code editor with Kent Beck, went on to work on some low level bluetooth routing, and eventually left that to work on the newsfeed and composer surfaces of the Facebook app, covering three quite distinct surfaces in a few months. That conversation was the first time when I really felt like a senior engineer. Senior not in the sense of “I achieved level 5”, but rather in the sense of “I feel…

In this piece I discuss the practice of going deep into a system through a few examples. I believe I do this more often and more thoroughly than the average engineer, giving me an edge when tackling problems and increasing my rate of technical learning.

Microsoft, 2006

Soon after joining Microsoft as an SDET (a software engineer that writes test automation, a misguided concept IMO but a story for another day) I was given the task to fix a test suite that had been severely damaged by the introduction of IPv6 to the Windows networking stack (including the component I…

Joining Facebook in May of 2011 was quite a shock for me. I had come from 6 years at Microsoft, at a time a slow behemoth so big that it could probably ship software faster if it had less engineers. Facebook was not like that.

Every 2 weeks Facebook would pool its new hires into a Bootcamp class. Bootcamp was to last for 6 weeks, and it included everybody — new grads, veteran engineers and everyone in between. The program included a few talks, but primarily it was about tasks and team selection. Bootcampers were assigned random tasks from across…

Thiago Hirai

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